Dirty Drawers®

A Mature Drawing Game For Immature People®

With randomly generated scenarios you and your friends can draw for laughs, shock, and glory! 

Flip cards, roll dice, draw, judge, win!

Shuffle Decks

The JUDGE  flips for a random scenario...

...& rolls the dice for a judging cue!

Everyone but the Judge draws the scenario on their dry-erase boards based on the judging cue! 


Each Drawer holds up their finished drawing to the Judge, explaining with an EPIC story to get the win!
No matter your drawing skills, you can get the glory!


Best Part:

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"Despite our total lack of artistic talents, this game was one of the funnest party games we've tested out in years.

Two thumbs up!"

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"Stuffed Thanos Toy that's being engulfed in flames by the tiniest dragon..." 

"That's f%$#ing cute!" 


"[Dirty Drawers] leads to some hilarious laughs, creative displays, and a lot of raunchy fun. This game is always a great time."

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